Develop a marketing application using an open source program

Imagine developing your own marketing application using several open source programs that can help you communicate and do business with a lot of customers.

open source
Open Source Windows

Imagine an application that literally does everything for you from short messaging services to group messaging, sharing videos and photos and even audio messages, among many others except make your bed and coffee.

This can be done with an open source program which gives you a lot of online resources and capabilities to develop your own software and applications using ideas and open source codes from other programs that are tagged as such.

Example of a marketing application blueprint using open source code programming

Definitely an application as powerful as a network messaging service can definitely give your business a boost and better yet, reach out to a lot of potential leads and contacts by sending your messages en mass and in bulk.

Just think of the power it wields on influencing others to read and reflect on the messages and communication that is being sent to them.

You can try that with a Marketing Software developed from your source code program – a communication marketing application that allows users to market their business, products or services to other application users.

This can be the solution to your bulk messaging needs not just with your potential market niche, but would also give you flexibility in getting across other targeted networks.

The dynamic platform that makes good use of the bulk messaging service does not limit the capability to your smart phones, but also enhances the open source code software application to your desktops.

At the click of a button you get to send massive message material customised to promote and push your marketing communication to everyone in your selected communication circle even to other communication server users through the e-communication web automation system using various platforms and services out there.

Reach out to a wider audience, develop your software features

With the current popularity of the open source code message platform transcending communication borders has never been so exciting and mind-blowing that it enhances the capability of communication users to use the software for their business.

Develop your software with a Marketing Panel, preferably a web-based dashboard that operates using any web-browser that allows a user to send any type of media format to other Communication users.

A special feature of this Marketing Panel could allow users to send text messages, images, videos to other users without having to worry of getting blocked on your network or channels or go through the hassles of tediously adding a script on the server to customize your bulk messaging capacities and capabilities.

Develop it in two panel account types the User Level and the Reseller Level, which can be designed to suit your needs whether for use as a social network communication tool or a business model.

User Level Account options to allow the user to send messages, videos or images to individual Communication users.
The same can be done for group messaging for a custom list of Communication contacts that are uploaded on to the system.

These messages also include images and videos you want to send en masse or bulk to your pre-selected contacts.

Dynamic uses of multiple formats

The versatility of this open source code marketing panel that you envision is that it can cross compatibility with other data platforms to help customize contact options, for example, a user can create segment lists of contact selections by simply uploading a .CSV (comma separated values) or a .txt (text) file or document with the desired pre-selected contact information and grouping.

The panel could also allows the user to create an unlimited number of groups and be able to view these groups at the push of a button or access any one user or a number of users from that group to communicate.

Viewing individual or group contacts can be done using the panel, which would virtually allow you organize your contact lists and customize groups whenever and however you want it.

This communication marketing panel is equipped with a reports dashboard that lets the user view the status of messages sent to your contacts and groups, whether it is still in the process of being sent, successfully delivered and the ones that gets rejected by the system, even from the process of being uploaded.

Innovate and customize

The panel is also equipped with a feature that shows the History of Messages by accessing historical information on past campaigns that were processed under a specific account.
This is features a security platform where users can access options for Password Changes & Settings which users can reset or change passwords, as well as customize settings that would suit their individual needs.

But hey, these are just some of the promising things that you can do with open source programming and just imagine how it can help simplify and help you boost your marketing methods using available and powerful resources that are well within your reach.